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Summer health and wellness

Get up, get out and get going
Get up, get out and get going

Summer is here with all it's heat and fun in the sun. Using a sunscreen is very important. We use it to prevent skin cancer, however, choosing a sunscreen that does not have cancer causing ingredients is equally imperative.

ALERT: these ingredients PABA, benzophenone-3, homosalate, octyl-methoxycinnamate (OMC) and 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4- MBC) have a possible link to skin cancer. Be aware of the damages some sunscreens have on the body. READ THE LABELS of your sunscreen of choice. It may be time to switch!

The transition from spring to summer may take us by surprise. One day it's cool the next its 90 degrees. Habits of drinking plenty of fluids is not something that happens on the first blazing hot days. Be mindful of planning to hydrate throughout the day.

ALERT: increased intake of water and fruits, like watermelon, is a healthy way to maintain liquid in the body. Drinking sweetened beverages such as sodas, lemonade or sweet tea in large amounts are not healthy choices. Reserve these as a treat not the main source of liquid, especially for children.

Summer fun, swimming, tennis, and any other outdoor activity causes increased perspiration, which of course decreases our bodies fluid levels, and could lead to great fatigue.

ALERT: take frequent breaks during vigorous activity. Summer heat and sun can quickly become very dangerous. Hydration and breaks in the shade or indoors out if the heat can save a trip to the hospital. Extreme heat and humidity can lead to dehydration quickly.

Getting proper nutrition during the hot summer meal times is something to pay attention to when choosing a menu. A diet if BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers are high in fat and do not give the body a balanced diet.

ALERT: soaking up the sun is a great way to achieve the proper amounts of vitamin D. Remember the areas of the skin must be exposed to the sun "without" sunscreen for short period of time to achieve Vitamin D. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a healthy addition along with smaller sized burgers or replace hamburger with turkey burgers for less fat.

Summer gives us a wonderful to socialize. Get outdoors and put the computer, laptop, iPads and kindles away and go outside! If you like to read get a real paperback book and go to a local park with a bottle of water and read to your hearts content. Take breaks from reading and watch others play.

Reply YES to parties, and bring something even if it's not required, especially if it's a BBQ or dinner party. If you don't cook or do not have a "sweet clue" about what to bring when it comes to food BRING FLOWERS. Be a grateful guest.

If you workout at a gym, break up the indoor routine and jog in a park. Getting around nature instead of staring at equipment and huge TV screens is a healthy alternate to summer workouts.

Get up, get out and get going. Taking nature walks doesn't require you having to be an "outdoorsy" kinda person. Just break out doors. Walking is the number one cure for depressed states of mind.

Living life to the fullest "does" require your participation. Put down the ipad, put on cool breathing clothes and grab your sandals or runners, grab a bottle of water and walk out the front door. Boom your outside. Now walk.

Have a happy healthy summer.

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