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Summer Hair Cleanse: Natural vs Chemical Hair Care Products

Do you know what chemicals are in your hair care products? Are natural hair shampoos and conditioners better than chemically induced hair care products when it comes to the natural oils and the color of your hair? With summer right around the corner, it is important to protect your hair against the heat, chlorine, sun damage and salt water. This articles will discuss how to care for your hair during the warm summer months and answer all of these questions. When it comes to summer hair care, selecting natural products are a better way to go and this article will help explain why and what products you can start using to prep your hair for summer.

Sulfates are used in most hair and skin care products these days which is creating a demand for educated consumers to divert their attention to more natural and chemical free products. There are so many shampoos and conditioners on the market that leave your hair smelling like a perfumed, fruitful bliss. The sole purpose of most chemically treated shampoos is to get rid of the dirt and leave the hair smelling nice. However, these shampoos have sulfates in them that strip the hair of natural oils, color and shine. This is why people buy conditioner, to restore the moisture back into the hair once the oils are stripped from the hair by using chemically induced shampoo.

Sulfates can be found in everything these days, so what are they? Sulfate is what causes shampoos to foam and is created by mixing sulfuric acid, ester and sodium salt. Have you ever got shampoo in your eyes? Surfactants are allergens that strip your of their natural oils and leaves your hair brittle, dull and dry and will also burn your eyes. With so many chemicals found in products today, it is debatable which of these products cause cancer. When selecting shampoos and conditioners, one should be cautious against such abrasive chemicals not just in the summer time but all the time. The more chemicals you alleviate from your hair care products, the better off your hair, scalp and future health benefits will be.

So why use natural hair care products vs chemically induced products? We spoke with Mordechai Alvow, an editorial stylist and the founder of Yarok hair care, a botanically collective of restorative hair care products. While it might seem obvious, Modechai says, “why would you want to use man-made chemicals forged in labs when you could utilize the gifts that mother nature has already given you? Nevertheless, we know that there are many who don’t realize the damage that these synthetic materials can do to your hair and scalp. While your hair may seem healthy to the touch, these chemicals are just good at masking the damage they do to both your hair and scalp. These products can also be chock full of irritants, allergens, toxins, and, even scarier, carcinogens.” Many people who have used traditional products have no idea how or why they’ve developed the hair and scalp issues they suffer from, but once they convert to natural hair care products the healing and protecting powers of using all natural hair care products vs chemically induced products becomes blatantly obvious.

Being impressed with the natural botanical scents of the Yarok hair care products and their contribution to London fashion week, we were curious to uncover the secrets behind this budding hair care line that makes it unique from other organic or all natural hair care products. The goal of these products is to have a positive impact on hair and scalp health without having a negative impact on the environment. This is why Yarok is dedicated to transparency, holistic health, and engaging in the most “green” practices.” Unlike standard hair care companies who use parabens, sulfates, and alcohol that give your hair the artificial appearance of health, Yarok products are crafted from a blend of all-natural and certified organic plants and botanicals that are sustainably sourced and harvested.

When asked to explain the vegan and green concept, Mordechai says, “ we do not test on animals; in fact we are one of the only hair care companies that meets 100% vegan requirements. From our products formulas, to our packaging, and even our day-to-day salon practices, we are dedicated to the prosperity of our planet and your hair.” The best part about this introduction to Yarok hair care products is that they actually work! You no longer have to compromise the health of your hair and scalp with synthetic products. You also feel good about being “green” and contributing to a product who animal and environment friendly.

Let’s talk color, the harsh chemicals in traditional shampoos and conditioners can easily strip your color. With natural and gentle hair care products, they actually protect your color-treated strands and will not dull your color. Yarok’s shampoo and conditioner is packed with antioxidants and natural emollients, and work to remove minerals and free-radicals from your hair. This is all very important in protecting your color, whether it’s been treated or you just want to protect your natural hair color from the elements of summer.
“PH balance is another term that is often thrown around in hair care with very little explanation or understanding. To put it simply a shampoo that is pH balanced will have a pH range that nearly matches your own hair’s natural range, which is typically somewhere between 5 and 6 (i.e. slightly acidic). Most standard shampoos/conditioners containing synthetic ingredients are more alkaline, meaning their pH is greater than 7.

When a shampoo is more alkaline, it works to open the hair shaft and expose the cortex, making hair vulnerable to the core, especially hair that is color treated. A more acidic shampoo/conditioner works conversely as it closes the hair shaft, locking-in moisture and color. Feed Your Volume has a pH balance that falls between somewhere between 5 and 6, just like most hair’s own natural balance. This ensures healthy, moisturized strands and protected color, “says Mordechai.

So how to get your hair ready for summer, what products will one need and why? We wanted to know what Mordechai suggests on this topic. “Summertime can be rough on your hair and head. From over-exposure to sunlight to harsh pool chemicals, it’s very important to begin treating your hair now to prevent all of the damage. Preparing for the harsh climate of summer is all about moisturizing (but isn’t it always?). Wash your hair as little as possible, maybe twice a week, and use a hot towel as you’re conditioning which will help hydrate and seal moisture into your locks. Between washes, use products like Feed Your Ends to hydrate your strands and keep your split ends in check before the sun, chlorine, and salt water begin to suck-up all that moisture,” says Mordechai

Who doesn’t like to swim during the hot summer months? So what Yarok products are good to protect the hair from chlorine, salt water, heat? “We can’t recommend Feed Your Sunshine hair and scalp treatment serum enough, especially during the summer. The nourishing oils will protect your strands from UVA/UVB rays, chlorine, salt water, and whatever summer has in store. Feed Your Sunshine detoxifies, promotes shine, helps repair split ends and regenerate cell growth on you scalp. Feed Your Sunshine is packed with nature’s greatest beauty tools like organic/non-sprayed (meaning free of pesticides) Jojoba oil, well-known for it’s formidable moisturizing properties, organic/non-sprayed Black Currant seed oil, which helps maintain scalp strength and elasticity, and organic/non-sprayed Aloe Vera oil, which contains over 75 different vitamins and minerals. (In fact, no other natural product contains so many elements beneficial to the body.) It contains the well-known antimicrobial organic/non-sprayed Tea tree oil and balances an oily scalp along with organic/non-sprayed Lemongrass oil, a powerful antioxidant and astringent. The organic/non-sprayed Geranium oil in the formula has been used throughout history to heal, nourish skin, and promote cell growth,” states Mordechai.

With the heat and sun during the summer months, what can one do to protect the hair from drying out? Regular treatments is crucial to keeping your hair well protected and moisturized, which is why we recommend Feed Your Sunshine so strongly. The heat of the sun, coupled with hot tools and blow drying can really dehydrate your strands, not to mention dry-out your scalp. Use products like Feed Your Ends to keep your hair moisturized in-between treatments, and Feed Your Shine to bring out the natural sheen in your hair. Both products are important especially to those who regularly style with hot tools.

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