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Summer fun days do not have to cost much

Backyard Camping
Backyard Camping
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Looking for something to do this summer? Something that will not cost an arm-and-a-leg? That wont break the bank? There are plenty of enjoyable activities to do on your own, with friends, and even with the family. This list of activities will get you started. Move on from there to discover what your favorite activities are.

  1. Play under a tree: Take the family outside, find a tree that gives plenty of shade, and play a board game. If you are alone, you may enjoy reading a book or writing in a journal.
  2. Go to a park: Take a walk. Sit by the water. Take pictures. There is so much to do. If you have a dog, find a park that he will enjoy as well. Go by yourself, or take the whole family. Bring some friends along for a friendly game of Frisbee or baseball.
  3. Go on a picnic: Bond with friends over lunch or dinner at the park. Some areas have grills, so a small party can barbecue.
  4. Teach your children to camp: Start out by pitching a tent or setting up a camper in the back yard.
  5. Create a family fun day: Tournaments, beach days, and more can be had for very little money.
  6. Hang out in Bangor, Maine: There are a variety of places to visit in Bangor.
  7. Do something fun during a thunderstorm: Keep the children entertained when they cannot be outside.

What activities do you enjoy during the summer months? Share with us in the comments below.

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