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Summer Fruit Festivals

Fruit Festivities
Fruit Festivities
Camilla Carboni

It’s hard to believe with snow on the forecast again this late in April, but summer is just around the corner and Colorado farmers are grateful for the extra moisture, as should you be.

This summer is host to numerous fruit festivities around the State. Fruit that’s absorbing every last snowflake as it’s ripening into a sweet, juicy harvest for you to go, well, picking…

The lineup begins with the Strawberry Days celebration in Glenwood Springs. That’s where Denver will no doubt be between June 21st and 23rd – with free strawberries and ice cream on the menu – suddenly the drive is all the more appealing.

Next on the list is the Cherry Days event in Paonia on Independence Day, followed by the International Rhubarb Festival in Silverton, on a date still to be determined, but worth waiting for.

August’s hot days will be cooler from the 14th through 18th when Watermelon and later Peaches take to stages and stomachs at the Rocky Ford and Palisade festivals, respectively. Both events include tournaments and contests, including seed spitting. Not just your average fair fun - now there is an acceptable public spitting outlet - so you might as well enjoy it!

And just when you think the summer will be over, Cedaredge and Penrose grab it by the reins, or the teeth if you will, and leave locals with a taste of Colorado’s finest apples and homemade pie on October 5th and 6th.

There’s nothing short of fresh and fabulous surrounding Denver this season, so mark your calendars for a taste of true Coloradoan summer produce.


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