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Summer for ballet students of Medford

Ballet technique class with instructor and founder Elyse Roxander.
Ballet technique class with instructor and founder Elyse Roxander.
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It has been a full morning. The advanced level ballet students have already completed a ballet technique class as well as a turns and jumps session. After lunch they will have classical variations class and finish out the day with a lesson on stage make-up application. Tomorrow it will begin all over again, although the class content will vary slightly. After ballet technique they will have a jazz class followed by stretch and strength and goal setting classes. This routine will continue six days a week from 10:30 am to 4:30pm for six weeks.

For many teenagers summer is a time to relax, regroup, and get some rest before having to get back to their busy school and sports schedules. However, this is not the case for the young ballet dancers of Studio Roxander. For them, summer means the start of a vigorous period of dance training. It is a time to focus solely on the advancement and achievement of their ballet goals and it gives the students a chance to do some cross training that they do not have time for during the fall and winter months. The studio offers classes in character dance, jazz, and yoga in order to give the dancers the opportunity to increase their skills and experience the positive effects cross training has on their ballet development.

The summer intensive results in noticeable growth in the students as they make advancements in refining their dancing. But their relationships with each other also grow during this time, the common zeal for attaining similar goals bringing them closer together. Even though they are with one another almost constantly, at week's end, it is not uncommon to find more than half a dozen student's gathered at one of the dancer's houses to hang out and swim together. Although swimming is suppose to be a chance to unwind, they rarely refrain from practicing the petite allegro from technique class that morning while under water, laughing as they float through the rapid combination in slow motion. Even outside of the studio, they never tire of talking about dance because their passion for the art form is shared by all present.

Not only does this summer intensive prepare ballet students to head with determination into the winter season, it establishes friendships and leaves the dancers with memories that will not be soon forgotten.

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