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Summer fishing and the fluke

June through August you need to cool off and you can use your neighbor’s swimming pool when they aren’t looking for two things, the second one is to practice using your fluke in the water. Flukes come in all the colors of the rainbow, and some are multi-colored and some have glitter. The bass will tell you what they want. Sometimes they want it to “dart n’dive,” or the same thing only at “finesse speed,” “deadstick”it, letting it sink.

Summer fishing and the fluke

A typical rod would be medium action 7-foot rod

Pearl and bubblegum or watermelon are favorite colors, going by what is most purchased, and the local talk at the dock about what is most successful.

A good way to be successful with a fluke or any lure for that matter is to just go out with one bait, and force yourself to keep fishing with it until you catch something. Of course timing and presentation, but a lure that brings no fish will not make it’s home in the tackle box for very long. See video.

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