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Summer first aid for our friends

With summer fast approaching, we are making plans to get away. Many of us enjoy exploring the great outdoors with our FFBF. This is wonderful bonding time, but do you know First Aid. No - First Aid for our furry friends. There are courses which provide for the same emergencies that we train for with humans but these are for our pets. What a great idea!

Do you know Pet CPR or how to stop profuse bleeding on our little friend’s leg? What to do with our furry friend suddenly become violently ill? These subjects and more are tackled and we will learn the basics to help our pets.

Does the U. S. Coast Guard offer water safety for our furry friends they do or they know where we can get connected with a course. Not only do they know where to learn this but can also direct us to the nearest life vest outlet for our furry friends and our human friends as well.

As we begin summer, think safety and get that refresher course on pet safety, CPR and so much more. Have a great summer with all the First Aid and Safety tools in place. Our pets will be ever so grateful.

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