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Summer Enterpreneurship

When you are trying to teach your youngsters about Enterpreneurship you need to need to establish a routine of lessons. You can let them interview regional business leaders and get them reading about diverse industry. In the Insurance Industry you can interview leaders like Rosemary Martinez at Estrella Insurance in Little Havana. She is an enterpreneur and expert in the Insurance Field. You can contact her at : 1-305-859-8558. She is an example of leaders in Little Havana in Miami in the corner of Calle Ocho and 12th. This is an innovative business. Check out more at:

Ms. Martinez can help your teens learn about enterpreneurship and the insurance industry. She can always explain how she gets the lowest prices in insurance for her customers and how she meets their needs. She can explain what it takes to run a good business. She can teach them about auto insurance and home insurance as well. She can give them a heads up on the things.

You can seek out leaders in diverse places and learn from their fields and skills. You can also seek in Wilkesboro Teresa Tedder in the Real Estate Field. She is a great leader in the Real Estate Field and can assist your kids in learning about these fields. Another innovative enterpreneur in Wilkesboro and in the region to ask questions about business and development is Mike Martinez from NC Mountain Investments. These are innovative people in the Southern region from Florida to the Carolinas that can assist in letting your homeschool teens learn about the world of business in the areas of Insurance and Real Estate.

So take the Summer and teach the young people about new industries and enterpreneurship. Seek out interviews with regional experts and seek out lessons in the insurance and real estate industries.

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