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Summer dresses



One of this year’s fashion trends is apparently something called a town gown. It is a short dress with spaghetti straps, triangles at the top and a full bottom. It is priced for the small budget and comes in many different colors and patterns.

Inevitably, somebody will produce a plus size version of the latest little summer frock. Do not be pulled into the hype. This is not a design for the plus size figure. Very few, if any, plus-size women are flattered by spaghetti straps. Too much flesh. Too little fabric.

As for those two little triangles up front; those of us with a full bosom will be overexposed, to say the least. Those of us with a small enough bosom to actually be covered by the little fabric triangles will appear way out of proportion. The full, smock-like lower part of the dress is intended to swing freely over a small frame. It is not intended to be roomy for plus size proportions. A roomy dress like that is called a tent and is also not for the well-dressed plus size figure.

Resist the urge to cover up under tent-like dresses. Also avoid hemlines that stop in the middle of your thigh or at the back of your knees. Avoid busy patterns that overwhelm the eye and appear as a mountain of fabric. You will be lost underneath.

Remember the eye follows the line of the fabric. If the fabric stops suddenly, so will the eye. Be sure it stops where you want the focus. Take note of your assets and pull the eye in to show them off. Slenderize by creating long lines with vertical stripes or solid colors.

If you have a problem with your thighs touching and making you uncomfortable without hose, do not despair. You can still wear easy breezy dresses this summer. Try a lightweight pair of bicycle shorts or Spanx under your cotton dresses to keep you cool and comfortable and give you a smooth look. And by all means, go out and find that perfect pair of sandals to complement your summer dress and have your nails done to complete the outfit.

For wide or flat feet, choose a sandal with a wedge or other attractive summer heel to provide support for your feet without sacrificing style. Tastefully decorate your voluptuous physique in cool summer fabrics and outfits designed to flatter your curves. You have it, flaunt it. You are living on the plus side of life.