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Summer Days Make Learning Rewards - Very Easy

Balance in a creative way
Balance in a creative way
Kidskills International

Summer Days Make Learning Rewards ~ Very Easy

Summer days offer hours for use as play for children. These minutes can continue the building of knowledge for all ages of children.

Both educators and neuro-scientists agree that active play provides a rich environment for youngsters to explore scientific principles and lay that foundational matrix for good learning.

The brain connections, synapses, are formed and firmed by stimulations. The body-mind connections develop strong pathways between movement and mind.

What is a great and easy way to develop theses routes to good learning? PLAY

Here's a set of simple active play ideas to give you and your kids some direction:

1. Bubble Chasing: in a safe place. Suggest use of different parts of the body.
2. Jump Rope -but- have a helper tie one end to a fixed spot and have them hold the other end. The helper suggests that the active kid jump over the held rope; slide under the rope; jump over a swinging rope.
3. Chalk Drawing -Make shapes to jump inside. Draw a 'hopscotch game' pattern.
4. Use balls: variety. Light balls; balloons; big balls. Sit on some; kick some; roll down back; dribble; bounce to friend.
5. Obstacle Course: Be creative. Make a course that is age-appropriate for safety but offers some problem-solving challenges. Creeping on all fours; rolling with body stretched long; tucking though a held hoop [on edge].
6. Water Play: sprinklers, cup to cup pouring; water balloons: toss to a friend.
7. Move to music. Freeze Dance. Statue at silent times. Do a march, lifting knees high.
8. Use your local playgrounds. Visit a NEW one!
9. Follow the leader! Take turns marching and moving arms and hands in different ways. Move sideways' backward; try different steps: hop on 1 foot.
10. Set up a TARGET [on a wall -or- in an open space]. Toss small balls, aim a beanbag. Kick at the target.

The Big Reward in creating these experiences for the children in your care, will be the building of new experiences. Also the simple speaking and listening skills will be developed between YOU and the child. These language training time build the child's ability to process information as well as build their vocabulary for:
• Body part names identifications
• Spatial awareness: in front, behind, over
• Directions: left, right, back, under
• Qualities of movement: slowly, fast, softly
If you or someone you know needs a set of Lessons to guide children though the basics of Fundamental Movement Skills [FMS], consider finding the Kidskills Movement Education and Sports Training Manuals, available in print and eBook formats. Visit:

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