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Summer days begin

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 07: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JUNE 07: Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Photo by Steve Jennings

With summer, there are several hints to getting it started.

Perhaps with a backyard get together with family or community. Offering help in an area that one is good at.
The right recipe for barbecuing. To enjoying a festival in the local area. Taking a day-trip to nearby city for a day’s adventure. Selecting some camping gear and going camping. Catch the summer morning sunrise and sunset. Take notice of the Texas skyline of stars spectacular at night. Listen to favorite playlist. Discover what going on around town with new openings. Visit favorite museums, El Paso, TX are known for their museums that is available to the public.

Setup an outdoor movie theater. Take some naps during the weekend summer heat. Find a beach to invade.
Eat the favorite ice cream flavor that has been avoided all year. Buy a hammock. Take a trip. Compliment healthy eating with fun outdoor play. Hang out with the dog in the early morning or late evenings at their favorite park. (Remembering to keep them well hydrated and kept cool because of temperatures). String some lights outdoor. Add some zest. Get inspired, find one’s passion. Eat plenty of fruit. Photo snaps all Kodak moments. Make a great sandwich. Give a hug, experts say they do wonders. With so much more to include have a memorable summer of Good.

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