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Summer crafts for children: Handprint sun

Handprint suns are a fun summer craft for children to make
Handprint suns are a fun summer craft for children to make
Sheila Buck

Summer vacation is here and it is time to find ways to keep children busy until school starts again. Bangor area children will be swimming, playing at the parks, hanging out with friends, and participating in other fun summer activities. Although children may stay away from home a lot this time of year, it is still a good idea to find ways to keep them busy while they are at home. Summer crafts are a fun way to occupy children. The following handprint sun craft is a simple summer craft for children of all ages.


Many of the materials that are needed to complete this craft may be available in the household craft box. Missing items can be purchased at the Bangor Super Wal-Mart store. The following materials are needed to make this craft:

Round piece of cardboard or paper plate (I use the round cardboard found in frozen pizza boxes)

Yellow construction paper

2 large googly eyes

Black and orange markers


Yellow paint

10- 12 inch piece of yellow or orange yarn


Hole punch



Cup with water

Paper towel



This fun summer craft is easy for children to make. Small children may need help tracing their hands or using the scissors. The following are the directions for making a handprint sun.

  • Lay out the newspaper on a table or other work surface. Place the rest of the materials on the newspaper. Make sure the child can reach the craft supplies.
  • Use the hole punch to make two holes side by side on the top of the round cardboard (paper plate).
  • Paint the front side of the cardboard yellow and set it aside, letting the paint dry. Wash and dry the paintbrush.
  • Trace handprints on the yellow construction paper. Make enough prints to cover the outside ring of the cardboard. Cut the handprints from the paper and turn them over so the pencil from tracing can’t be seen. Color the outer edges of the handprints with the orange marker and set them aside.
  • Making sure that it’s dry, take the cardboard and thread the yarn through the previously made holes. Tie the ends of the yarn together to make the hanger. Place the yellow side of the cardboard onto the table. Glue the hands around the outer ring of the cardboard. Make sure the colored sides face the table. Let the glue dry.
  • Turn the handprint sun over and glue the googly eyes to the front. Use the black marker to draw a nose and mouth onto the cardboard face. Hang the sun in a window, on the door, or on a wall in the home.
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