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Summer crafts for children: Campfire collage

Summer collage crafts are fun for children to make
Sheila Buck

Summer is here and so is a long vacation from school. Making seasonal crafts is a fun way for children to spend their time during summer break. Bangor area children will have fun making this easy campfire collage craft.


Some of the materials that are needed to make this campfire collage may already be available at home. Other item’s that may be needed to make this craft can be purchased at the Bangor Super Wal-Mart store. The following materials are needed to make this craft:

Black construction paper

Orange felt

Yellow felt

Thin cardboard

Dark colored marker




This campfire collage is an easy craft that children will enjoy making. Small children may need help while using the scissors. The following are the directions for making this craft:

  • Choose a work surface and line the area with newspaper. Place all of the materials on the work surface within reach of the child.
  • Use the marker to trace flame shapes on the yellow and the orange felt. Make sure they aren’t too big or too small. The flames should fit on the black construction paper taking up about half of the paper all together. Cut the flame shapes from the felt by using the scissors. Place the flames aside.
  • Cut the cardboard into rectangular shapes of different sizes to use as logs for the campfire. Arrange the logs on the bottom of the black construction paper until you have a pattern that you like. The paper can be placed as portrait or landscape. Once you figure out how you want the logs to be placed, use the glue to stick them to the paper.
  • Use the glue to stick the flames above the cardboard logs on the piece of construction paper. Make sure to alternate between the yellow and the orange flames.
  • Let the glue dry. The collage can be displayed on a wall in the home or on the refrigerator. If your family has a camp, that would be the perfect place for this artwork to be displayed.
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