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Summer centerpieces made with recycled jars

Summer arrangements

You can make lovely summer centerpieces from recycled jars you have in your home. Don't throw out your empty pickle jars or any clear glass containers once the product is used. Instead, wash off all the labels on your jars, then dry. These recycled jars can now be turned into beautiful summer centerpieces for your home or outdoor entertainment area.

Jute and Seashells

Fill your recycled glass jar with seashells. Tie a jute bow around the center of the jar. You could also add starfish and sand to the arrangement. This centerpiece would look lovely in a beach home, and it makes a fun table decor choice for a beach wedding.

Wildflowers and Ribbon

Starting at the bottom, back of the vase, wrap and glue the entire vase with a pretty summer plaid ribbon. Pick some pretty wildflowers for your jar centerpiece. This is a pretty arrangement choice for a summer barbecue or special outdoor event.

Silk flowers in Colored Water

Fill your recycled jar with dyed water. Just add a few drops of food coloring to the water until you get the desired shade. Place a few silk summer flowers like lilies or lilacs in the colored water. Add a matching floral bow to the arrangement. This summer arrangement is the perfect choice if you want to add a touch of summer to your home.


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