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Summer celebrated through art

Go Fast 39" x 52"
Go Fast 39" x 52"
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery's upcoming summer exhibition will feature the art of Christophe Pouget and Antoine Rose. The show will run from July 31 to August 30 at the Chelsea gallery located at 547 West 27th Street, #510 in New York City. This event was announced by the gallery in New York today. Those Staten Island arts enthusiasts interested in the concept of endless summer should check out these breezy and airy collections of photographic art works that are on display. For more information about gallery hours visit

About Christophe Pouget

"Christophe Pouget started his artistic career in 2008, when he created his first photographic assemblages. Focused on the affective relationship of time and space, his latest works are inspired by familiar cities in France or foreign places encountered during travels around the world," added a statement by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. "Yet, rather than a “visual diary”, they represent a personal evocation of emotional feelings that connect him to a specific place at a given moment and thereafter throughout the artistic process, when images are filtered through the sieve of memory. In this regard, Pouget’s art could be related to the recent scientific discovery of the brain’s “geo-tagging system”, consisting in special cells which associate places and events and generate mental maps."

According to the statement by the gallery, "the photographic assemblages created by Pouget allude to the fragmentary culture of contemporary society. In our era of speed and multi-tasking, we surf TV channels and the Internet or we read only a few paragraphs from a newspaper. In a visual and metaphorical way, the artist gives us back the lost fragments of our memory."

These photographs are compared to visual “footprints” in our minds. The art work entitled Go Fast Low is blown up to 39" x 52" and truly offers a visual panorama of speedboats in watery space as seen from below the camera lens.

Antoine Rose

"Antoine Rose has commenced working on “Up in the Air” series in 2002, while he was shooting the Kitesurfing World Cup in Rio de Janeiro; being perfectionist, he dedicated a couple of years on refining his ideas. In an interview, the artist confessed about his adventurous working process," according to Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. “Shooting from helicopters, all doors removed, 300 feet above earth at 20 knots and getting tack sharp images that can be printed as large as 120 inches is quite a challenge,” adds Rose himself. "Indeed, his works are oversized photographs (up to 3 meters wide), mounted with a patented Diasec process. They offer seaside panoramas captured from a bird’s eye view," according to a statement by the gallery.

"On the walls of the gallery, the horizontal surfaces of the beach and of the ocean seen from above switch to a vertical plane, thus disturbing the viewer’s frontal perception. It is only through the mental process that the viewer perceives that the images were shot in a bird’s eye view," adds Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. "In this way, the artist relies on the public’s active participation and receptivity. Moreover, as abstract compositions, Rose’s works could be rotated and thereby displayed in four different ways, according to the viewer’s preferences."

Rose at the Watermill Auction Center

Antoine Rose's Four Flags is now also available in auction with Artsy for the Watermill Auction Center in the Hamptons which will take place in Watermill, New York on July 26 in the Hamptons.
The live auction will take place on July 26 and feature a full cast of renowned artists such as Julian Schnabel, Martin schoeller and Anish Kapoor, as well as Antoine Rose himself. Staten Island arts fans take a peak at what summer is all about celebrated in a series of photographic panoramas at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. Escape into the visual world of these photographers by visiting the Cheslea gallery for this showcase of summer at its best. You won't be disappointed!