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Summer camp: What is church camp?

Church camp offers religious activities
Church camp offers religious activities
Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

At the end of the school year when school's out for summer, kids breathe a sigh of relief. But after the initial celebration and several weeks of play, boredom sets in. For parents familiar with hearing the summer complaint of "I'm bored!", planning ahead for how to keep the kids busy this summer can help.

While summer camp is one idea, there are many summer camp types to choose from, including church camp.

What is church camp? It is a summer camp similar to other camps but a religious component is the focus. At a church camp, campers pray, sing, and listen to speakers as they would in a church service. Church camps are typically considered an outreach effort, with youth groups often taking kids and teens as a large group. Some church camps are designed for kids only while others offer programs for the entire family.

Do you think going to church camp might be right for your child? If so, there are several church camps within driving distance of the Cincinnati area, including the following:

Camp Aldersgate- Carrollton, Ohio: A United Methodist camp, Camp Aldersgate offers summer camp for students as young as first grade all the way up to 12th grade.

CYO Camp Rancho Framasa- Nashville, Indiana: This Catholic camp offers day camp, overnight camp and family camp programs. For general information or details on its financial aid, use the website contact form.

Potters Ranch- Union, Kentucky: Potters Ranch is a unique wilderness retreat hosting groups offering cabin and tent camping accommodations. Guests can enjoy paintball, canoeing, horseback raiding and a zipline.

Waycross Camp- Morgantown, Indiana: Waycross Camp is affiliated with the Episcopal Church and is located an hour away from Indianapolis. An accredited member of the American Camp Association, Waycross Camp offers financial aid to campers.

To find a religious summer camp that meets your needs, visit the American Camp Association website.

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