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Summer brings increased use of Seattle's trails and greenways

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Summer came early to Seattle. Now, as the Northwest approaches mid-July, Seattleites have swung into full summer gear. Once the sunny, warm weather arrived, walkers and bicyclists swarmed to Seattle's trails and greenways. With heightened summer use, caution and consideration should be foremost on the minds of all.

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Seattle’s trails are multi-use. This means they are utilized by a variety of ages, abilities and methods. Among those regular bicyclists during warm weather, there’s an increased number of children and others new to bicycling. Bicyclists need to be well aware that among the throng of walkers and parents with strollers are tourists unfamiliar with routes and customs or the behavior which is taken for granted by residents.

So, give them a head’s up, a hail as you approach or a ring of your bell. Slow as you approach and pass on the left. Often safety practices are covered by simply being aware and considerate of others. It’s dangerous to assume the folks your passing know you’re approaching. This may be the season of the Tour de France, but Seattle’s trails and greenways are not raceways.

This reminder of safe practices by bicyclists is not license for other users to be irresponsible. Whether jogging, walking, pushing a stroller or skating, all share the trail and the obligation for safety. Summer is here and Seattle is beautiful. Be safe and enjoy.