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Summer break crafts: How to make friendship bracelets

Here are four fun and easy friendship bracelet craft options:
Here are four fun and easy friendship bracelet craft options:
Summer break crafts: How to make friendship bracelets – Created by this user on CoolText

Got friends? Why not make friendship bracelets together? Making matching bracelets or creating your own individual designs is a creative craft for summer vacation or a slumber party. You can also make thoughtful birthday and special-occasion gifts for one another.

Here are four fun and easy friendship bracelet craft options:

Each of these friendship bracelet craft projects is simple enough for children to complete, although the youngest ones might need a little adult assistance.

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Beaded friendship bracelets

Collect an assortment of pony beads and initial-letter beads. String these on elastic lacing to fit your wrist. Have your friend do the same. Tie the ends securely.

Braided friendship bracelets

Gather several colors of string or yarn. Tie them all together at one end. Tack the knotted end to a bulletin board, or have a friend hold it. Separate the strands into three sections. Braid the three sections together, end over end, just as if you were plaiting hair. When you have reached the right length to fit your wrist (or your friend’s wrist), loop the ends together and tie them securely.

Friendship charm bracelets

Often, friends will give each other charm bracelets for birthdays, Christmas, or other occasions. You can collect charms to dangle on these when you create memories together. Vacations, musicals, sports championships, and other events are excellent occasions for giving charms.

For a frugal option, why not slip charms onto braided yarn, a simple link bangle, or an inexpensive chain bracelet?

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Safety pin braided friendship bracelets

These are a little trickier, but quite cute!

You will need: seed beads (tiny beads), several dozen small safety pins, a needle and thread, and a shank of 3/4” non-roll elastic (available at sewing stores).

Cut a length of elastic, 1” longer than your wrist size (before stretching elastic). Fill the pointed end of each safety pin with beads, using any colors and patterns you like. Close the safety pins.

Lace the safety pins onto the elastic. Continue until the elastic is filled. Loop the elastic into a bracelet, and stitch the ends together.

Voila! You have created a personalized fashion statement of your friendship.

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