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Summer ativities for dogs

Waiting for fall
Waiting for fall

Those of us who have big dogs believe that seasonal rest should come during the warm season rather than the cold. The hot midatlantic summers bring humidity, mosquitoes, and the busy season for animal care takers. Kennel Clubs still hold a few indoor shows during the warm season but spring and fall are the best times for dog sports. So what fills the "dog days" of summer?

In Alexandria, VA and Frederick, MD you can leave the beaten path of DC and eat with your dog at restaurants that welcome canine guests. Brewer's Alley or Hinode in Frederick have outdoor seating where dogs can be included. Jackson 20 and Hotel Monaco in Virginia have regular happy hours that cater to dog owners who would otherwise rush home after work to walk the dog.

There are still dog events for the stalwart regardless of weather. Shawnee Kennel Club in Woodstock, VA has an all breed show the weekend of July 12, followed by one the weekend of the 19th in Salisbury, MD. There will be lure coursing at Hanover Shoe Farms July 19 &20th. Check out the practice schedule for The Wedge, too (find it on facebook). Practices are often called for storms or heat but if you go anyway be sure to bring shade, water, misters and have a plan for any stops that will keep dogs out of the car. The usual bigger shows in nearby Harrisburg, PA come before fall and that it's back to full swing locally.

In the meantime, baby pools and freezing dog toys and bones in small buckets of bullion can help you rejuvenate in wait of better weather. Don't forget your heartworm and flea prevention plans, either. Traveling dogs are always at risk for picking up more than memories.

At dawn or dusk, walk the fence to complete pruning chores. Dogs can go along for much needed romping before the heat of the day to keep in shape. Now that the solstice has passed, the days start to get shorter with the promise of a busy fall season. See you at Oatlands!