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Summer at Savant Vintage in Nashville

Savant Vintage
Savant VintageSavant Vintage

Summer has officially hit Nashville, and if you are looking for a hip vintage shop to cool off in, Savant Vintage is one of the most wonderful and diverse around. Savant has men and women's clothing and accessories, as well as for children (from time to time), and even vintage home decor items and furnishings. The shop is chock full of beautiful hats, gloves in every color, boots, and tons of fringe; you might even find a great coat to save for next winter. Savant Vintage was voted by Vogue magazine as the best in town! However, shoppers should be prepared- this store has some of the finest, rarest, and best kept antique pieces in town, so some casual vintage buyers or novices may experience a little sticker shock. But these to-die-for pieces will stand the test of time, whether they have come from the 80s, 70s, or even 20s. This writer has a cherished 80s backless green sequined dress from the shop that was the envy of every party goer last Christmas! Savant even rents some of their wonderful stock out in case you only want to fall in love for a night or two. If nothing else, it is worth a trip just to admire some of the most fabulous vintage there is to behold. Located at 2302 12th Avenue South 37204, Savant is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-6pm, and closed on Sundays and Mondays (eagled eyed readers will know this means the shop is just down the way from Katy K's, another fantastic retro and vintage gem!). Stop in this summer to keep your classic looks cool, and find Savant Vintage online on Facebook and Instagram.