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Summer and protecting your dog against theft

Your dog is always at risk of being stolen or lost and their are many precautions that will help deter and return your dog safely.

Dogs are stolen for many reasons and happens more than you think. Dogs are grouped under general theft and usually are not broke down separately for statistics. Many times dogs are taken for money, dog fighting, dog baiting, and cult rituals.

Some that are taken end up in animal labs. The USDA licenses some individuals under "random source collections." There are two types of licenses, class a are breeders, and class b are individuals who obtain animals from other "sources." There is HR594 in Congress to eliminate class b licenses.

Some handy tips to keep your dog, or any other pet safe are:

  • don't leave your pet unattended
  • don't leave your pet outside alone
  • make others aware of pet theft
  • never allow your dog to roam
  • never leave it unattended in the car
  • make sure they always wear their id tags and can be microchipped

If your dog is lost or stolen, there are many sites online to help your search. Some of these are,, and

Also let your neighbors know and post notices locally with good, recent pictures. With these tips your likelihood of your dog returning safe and sound gets better.

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