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Summer and fun times

Summertime is such a fun time. The weather has changed to glorious, bright days; the sky is usually a wonderful blue, and the temperature continues to rise to warm the earth and flowers begin to sprout everywhere.

With this new season, you will also see children sprout everywhere. They will be running in the park, riding their bikes, swimming at the local pool or backyard pools and just playing outdoors with their friends. The smiles and laughter are much brighter in the warm sunshine of summer.

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With these wonderful rays of sunshine, also come dangers from too much sun so sunscreen is definitely needed. Below are some helpful hints for keeping the grandchildren safe as they play:

Choosing a Sunscreen

Choose a sunscreen with s SPF factor of at least 15 or higher that also blocks the full spectrum of UVA light. SPF ratings tell you how well the sunscreen shields against UVA rays that burn and damage the skin.

Avoid products that combine UV and insect protection in one bottle. The sunscreen may be less effective.

Oil-free products are best for you if you get acne breakouts.

If a sunscreen causes stinging, itching or a rash, try a fragrance-free formula.

Cosmetics, moisturizer or make-up foundations with UV protection need a full teaspoon of the product on your face.

Keep babies younger than 6 months out of the sun. Use a sunscreen made for babies but limit the time in the sun.

(Above information developed through a partnership of The Ohio State University Medical Center, Mount Carmel Health and OhioHealth, Columbus, Ohio 6/2006)
More information can be found on how to use sunscreen at

As we venture out with children, it is also important to remember the insect spray when taking them on a hike or even to the local playground. Ticks and mosquitoes aren’t particular where they reside or where they land.

If you’re looking for some indoor things to do during the summer, check out the local Anthony Thomas Factory. This is a free tour where the kids can learn all about candy making. The tour guide will explain the process as the children get to watch the eight lines producing 25,000 pounds of candy per shift. The tours are every Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 – 2:30. You can call 877-226-3921 for more information or to schedule a tour. Anthony Thomas Factory is located at 1777 Arlingate Lane, Columbus, Ohio.

For more ideas on ways to spend time with the grandchildren in the Columbus area, visit Things To Do in Columbus Ohio and have a fun, safe beginning to your summer.


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