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Summer activities for pets and kids safety

Isn’t funny how little our children know about service animals, unless there is one at work in our home or possibly in the neighbor. While for that matter, how little our children know about pets and boundaries. Watching a small child with all the innocence in the world run up to a dog and kiss it on the head or mouth is so scary. Parents, nanny’s or whatever adult is in charge needs to be just that in charge. The time to begin teaching safety rules and activities of service animals is when the children begin to interact with animals, so yes even at 1 year of age.
Learning about service animals is a little tougher as most wear a vest which discourages petting or any contact with the animal. There is however, a wonderful new book which addresses the role played by one such service animal “Tuesday Tucks Me In by Luis Carlos Montalvan”. ( This is a wonderful was to a) teach about service animals and b) bring reading into the life of a child. There are many more books and far more places to learn about service animals and the care of pets. The 4-H Clubs of America teach not only the care but training of animals, from rabbits, dogs, cats, farm animals to horses and on.

Summer time with the parks open and people in every nock and cranny, the safest way to insure that children are safe from pets in the park is to teach rules and for owners to train pets to the 7 super commands (sit, stay, no, down, heel, off and leave it).

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