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Summer activites

We are headed into a beautiful summer again. For many families and especially parents it is hard to arrange care that is safe, challenging and educational for our children up to eight grade. If living in the Santa Fe, CA area this a website to see. Here kids learn the basics of animal care along with the evolution of animals in our lives. What a great way to spend some time while learning, and have some information passed on which could help with the Science Fair at school next year. This is a wonderful way to link services and community resources for the children through the summer.
If you are like so many of us who do not live in that area there is a possibility of find a similar Day or Overnight Camp for your child in your area. Look over this site and see if there is a way an animal rescue in your area could put this to use. In some cases a school district pared with a ‘no kill’ shelter might have the expertise or resources to develop this kind of program.
Or if you are one of the millions still trying to find employment, why not pitching this in your community as an affordable resource for families trying to make ends meet; possibly Head Start or maybe a scouting organization would have an interest.. Frequently a zoo will have a program like this for children through the summer. And like anything the cost will vary as will the hours and staffing requirements. Remember there are resources out there and we just need to access them.

A big “Thank You’ to for sharing this great story with us. As well as Jennifer Tan, who brought this to my attention. Please send in any suggestions for stories to benefit our FFBF or people.

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