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Summary of Women's Workshop: 'Women in the Will of God Sharing Their Gifts'


On Saturday, April 5, Rev. Margaret Minnicks, associate minister at New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia facilitated a workshop for women at Rock Hill Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

The theme was "Women in the Will of God Sharing Their Gifts" based on 1 Peter 4:10.

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

Rev. Minnicks emphasized that God has given every believer at least one gift. However, the gift is not to be used for selfish reasons. The gift has been given to serve others and to bring glory to God. Refusal to use the gift God has given you to serve others is a sin because it goes against God’s word, according to I Peter 4:10.

When you faithfully use God’s gift that He has entrusted to you, God’s grace will show up in your life and in the lives of those you serve. Below is just a few of the many biblical women who were ordinary, but they used their gifts to do extraordinary work for God.

Usually people preach and teach about women who had major roles in the Bible; however, Rev. Minnicks chose to teach about ordinary woman who are not talked about that much. These women had gifts, and they used them to serve others.

Rev. Minnicks advised the women to choose one of these women as an example to follow.

Abagail (1 Samuel 25:3)
Abigail was the wife of the Nabal. She showed great prudence and delicate management at a critical period of her husband's life. She interceded with David to dissuade him from killing her husband Nabal, whose name means "foolish." This wise woman became David's wife after Nabal's drunkeness led to his own death. Her gift was wisdom combined with negotiations.

Abishag (I Kings 1:3)
King David was feeble and his physicians recommended a fresh young maiden to nurse him. Abishag was chosen with great care for this aging king. David did die soon afterward, but Abishag had the gift of nursing and nourishing. Can people say you are a good caregiver? Have you help the sick or the helpless recently.

Chloe (1 Corinthians 1:10-11)
Chloe was a Corinthian matron and head of a Christian household. She was well known to the Corinthians because of her hospitality. All Christians should possess that gift according to Romans 12::13. When was the last time you invited other Christians to your home? Practice the gift of hospitality as commanded through the scriptures.

Deborah (Judges 4:6, 14; 5:7)
Deborah was a judge and prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth. She was the only woman judge. She is mostly known for the prophecy made to Barak when he was afraid to go to battle. Deborah reminds us that God does gift women for spiritual leadership. Also, Deborah is an example of one who balanced many roles.

Esther (The Book of Esther)
Esther was used in the area of exhortation. Esther sought divine guidance in times of difficulty. She knew how to deal with people in order to know how they would respond in certain situations. She was ready to renounce self and lose her own life for the good of others. She also knew how to seek the cooperation of fellow believers. We, too, should be like Esther and use our gift for the sake of others.

Jochebed (Exodus 1; 2:1-11)
Jochebed was the mother of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses. After Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in the river, she needed someone to nurse him. Because of God’s plan and great timing, Moses was given back to his own mother to be nursed. Jochebed encouraged her children to get alone with one another, and they all were used by God. How are you using your gift of encouragement to encourage your children and others?

Lydia (Acts 16:12-15)
Lydia was knowing for her giving. She was a business woman; a seller of purple dye in Thyatria. Being a successful business woman did not keep Lydia from her worshiping God. Daily she made her way to the riverside where she led the women in prayer. Even though Lydia worshiped God, she was not a Christian. Lydia became Paul’s first European convert. After her conversion, she became known for her gift of giving and her love in gracious hospitality. She gave missionaries the use of her home. Conversion will cause you to do things which you would not ordinarily do. How has your conversion changed your life? Do you have the gift of hospitality or giving?

Lois and Eunice (2 Timothy 1:5)
Lois, the mother of Timothy and Eunice, the grandmother of Timothy were used to teach and to mentor Timothy who ended up being a young pastor. How are you influencing others with your gift? Is it in ministry or something else?

Martha (Luke 10:38-41)
Martha, the sister of Mary and Lazarus, is known for being busy and more practical than spiritual. Yet, Martha had the gift of administration, especially in her home. It is no doubt Martha served the Master in a different way than her sister, Mary, who sat at the feet of Jesus. Though distracted, Martha did give of herself in administration especially while she entertained. Do you possess the gift of administration in managing your home?

Mary Magdalene (Matthew 27:56, 61)
Mary Magdalene was transformed from a demon-possessed prostitute to one who used her gift of shepherding. After Jesus had delivered Mary of her seven demons, she practiced her faith in following Jesus and ministering to Him. She who had been delivered was now shepherding the Master! Her gratitude and love manifested itself in total devotion to Christ. She owed much, gave much, loved much, and served much. Has Satan been expelled from your life? If so, serve God and let your shepherding be manifested toward others.

Phoebe (Romans 16:1-2)
Phoebe was used in the area of helps. She was a devout Christian woman who wore the blade of kindness. Phoebe occupied a “deaconess” position in the church. She devoted her life to helping others. Can you name one person you have helped recently?

Priscilla (Acts 18:2, 26; Romans 16:3; 2 Timothy 4:19)
Priscilla was the wife of Aquila who is never mentioned without him. However, most of the time her name comes before her husband’s name because she was the one with the money. She took part with Aquila in instructing Apollos. Priscilla's gift was instructing others even leaders. Are you able to minister to leaders and instruct them?

Rhoda (Acts 1:1-19)
Many people who read the Bible don’t even know who Rhoda was. They don’t know that Rhoda was a bearer of good news. She was a servant who delayed opening the door when Peter knocked after having been released from prison miraculously by an angel. The entire house was praying and Rhoda delayed in opening the door because she was excited to share the good news with those who was still praying for him. What spiritual event have you been excited enough about to share?

Tabitha (Acts 9:36-39)
Tabitha, also known by her Greek name Dorcas, was a woman who was all about doing good deeds of kindness and charity. When she died all the widows began to weep for Tabitha was like a mother to all even though she had no children of her own. They showed Peter all the tunics and garments she had made for all the women and children while she was alive. Tabitha had something to show for her life. Do you? If you died today, how many would be weeping and
showing all of your good works because you used your gift?

The Woman at the Well (John 4)
The woman at the well had a gift, but first she needed to have a one-on-one talk with Jesus to find out that she had the gift of evangelism. After she was given “living water” the Samaritan woman discovered that she had the gift to evangelize. This is evident by her telling the neighborhood, “Come, see a man!”

How to Identify Your Gift
Since every believer has a gift, what is your gift? There are ways to identify your gift.

  1. What do you find pleasure doing?
  2. What would you do if you didn’t get paid for it?
  3. What do you think of all the time?
  4. What do people compliment you about?
  5. What do you feel fulfilled or edified after doing?

To conclude the workshop, the women at Rock Hill were asked to share their gifts with the group.

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