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Sultry, Sexy, Sizzling: Keeping Casual Encounters Romantic

Love Song
Love Song
Arnold Skolnick
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Trying to find something sexy or romantic for a partner can be very difficult in the early stages of dating for several reasons. For starters, you don’t really know the person that well and may not have any idea what they are into or their tastes. OR maybe you don’t want to spend the money or invest in a casual encounter. I mean, it may seem like a nice gesture, but you don’t want to give the wrong impression, especially if you’re not really that interested, OR you can be dating multiples and don’t know which one you want to spend the day with. I mean the life of a casual dater can be quite busy, but whatever your situation there is always a solution.

So I’ve decided to create a list of things to do that will stir up some cozy and cuddly feelings but are safe and still illustrate that you are casually dating, but care, at least on a platonic level, and for some, not so platonic level. Everyday I will post a new one. Today’s is:

Steamy Novels –

Okay, yes, they are a little cheesy, but under the right circumstances can be awesome! Find out her (I am being gender specific because any piece of sexy literature is a green light for men) favorite author or the types of erotic books she likes. I like Zane novels, some of the more steamy ones like The Sex Chronicles or Zane’s newest Purple Panties.

However, I dare you to be different and take a stab at writing your own erotica. It’s a guaranteed panty dropper. Women won’t be able to resist the delectable temptation and seductive foreplay of words, while men won’t mind listening to all of the freaky and erotic things their dates may want to vent on them. Billy Chrystal was absolutely right when he said: “Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.” So men, give them one and women be the place!

The key to making literature an interesting and fun part of dating is not taking yourself or your partner too seriously. Erotic fiction is exciting and fun and that’s all it should be. Take note of how your partner feels about this type of stuff before just springing it on them. The idea is to have fun, not freak anyone out. So I leave you with my quote of the day: "Sex without the sizzle is like lemonade without the pop, it quenches your thirst, but leaves you feeling flat!"


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