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Sullivan County escorts mystery woman shrouded in black out of Tenn.

There is a great deal of discussion on Facebook about the mystery woman in black walking around the Tri-Cities region. She is quite bizarre looking and has been described by many as "creepy," although some have questioned if she is perhaps an angel or a prophet. According to a Tuesday report on the Times, the Sullivan County deputies were concerned enough about her to contact Homeland Security and eventually escort her to the Va. state line.

Who is the woman in black travelling around the region?

The authorities were called to a convenience store on Highway 11W where she had been reported as a suspicious person, sitting in the grass at 3:25 a.m. As evident in the accompanying photograph and video, the woman wears an Eastern-looking full headdress and shroud. She told police that she was a resident of the “Islamic Nation” and she referred to the United States as “foreign grounds.” She did not have any warning flags attached to her name in the Homeland Security database.

On the Facebook page, there are many comments from people who have seen and talked to this shrouded mystery woman around the area. There were a great deal of people who seemed to shame those who were a bit suspicious of her motives and message, reminding them of the scripture about how we never know if we are “entertaining an angel unawares.” But, as the story develops, people have started to wonder if these sightings might be more than just one woman travelling around the area on a “Bible mission,” as she told police she was doing. Could there be a group of them?

In the accompanying video, it is difficult to determine what she is promoting as her mission. She and this man in Wise, Va., were arguing about something that related to wars. Occasionally she mentions Pentecostal Christians. In a way that is reminiscent of the Romani (Gypsies), she is indeed quite a topic of discussion as she (or others like her) are turning up randomly around the area.

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