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Suki Tinted Active Moisturizer for cosmetics + skincare in one

Suki Tinted Active Moisturizer
Suki Tinted Active Moisturizer

Natural skincare brand Suki understands that you can do all the right things with your skincare regime, but if your makeup isn't natural and clean too, it can undo the benefits of even the best facial skincare products. Enter Suki's tinted active moisturizer. It's called a tinted moisturizer, but it looked like a high end foundation to me, boxed and packed in a pretty glass bottle. It's part balancing day lotion (one of Suki's most popular products) plus mineral pigment.

This tinted moisturizer is for you if you like light to moderate foundation coverage, a dual-purpose moisturizer (makeup and skincare in one), and SPF (from zinc, not chemicals). Plus, it's vegan and 100% natural.

Unfortunately, it's not for you if you have a very deep skintone (it currently comes in only three shades). If you need full, matte coverage and camoflauging, you probably know already you're not going to achieve that with a tinted moisturizer. In that case, you could use the tinted moisturizer as your base and a concealer or powder in areas you need fuller coverage.

At Lakewinds Coop in the Minneapolis metro, the tinted active moisturizer sells for $47.95. The same product sells for $50.95 on the Suki website.

Suki Skincare is available at your local coop and Whole Foods locations, or on the Suki website. If you're making a special trip to a store, call to make sure they carry the cosmetic products, not just the skincare line. Check the Suki event schedule to visit with a Suki specialist at a location near you for a personal skincare consultation.