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'Suits' star Meghan Markle shows off her writing side with new website The TIG

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On Suits, Meghan Markle is a talented and beautiful actress who makes it easy to see why the show's main character would fall in love with Rachel Zane. Off the show, however, she's a writer, photographer, and general all-around example of an awesome woman in show business. Meghan recently launched a new website called The TIG, where she shares her perspective and hopes to inspire other people as well. With Suits taking a break tonight, we thought today would be the perfect time to introduce fans to Meghan's passion project.

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There's no shortage of websites that talk about topics like food, travel, fashion and beauty. That's the content on which a number of major media outlets make their money. But what makes The TIG stand out is that it's not one of those billion other websites. Meghan and her team of influencers - including friends like actresses Dianna Agron and Emmy Rossum, and model Jessica Stam - aren't driven by article clicks or advertising dollars. They're coming together to share subjects and viewpoints they're passionate about, and that comes across in the site's content. There's a sincerity and an authenticity here that you don't usually find.

Also important is the fact that everything on The TIG is relatable and meaningful; reading the various posts feels miles away from the usual detached blog post or thinly veiled advertising that's on all those fashion or celebrity websites. It's down-to-earth, legitimately interesting content that just happens to come from some people you might have heard of.

What's particularly great about this website is that it's a showcase for Meghan. Millions of viewers know and love her as Rachel Zane on Suits, but we'd wager maybe only a quarter of that audience knows much about her beyond that. Here, she gets to show how talented she is in a number of other areas. She contributes all the writing and most of the photography that you see on The TIG, and she has an outstanding voice in that respect. Her posts are witty, smart, and flow well, as if she's sitting across the table from you over lunch. There's better writing here than in many professional blogs. Should Meghan ever decide to change professions, she definitely has a second career as a writer.

So much of the fashion and style content on the Internet is filler, easily digested and quickly forgotten. The TIG provides a wonderful alternative to that status quo, with material that's worth your time and will leave you with a smile on your face, if not some inspiration for yourself. Whether you're a fashionista or a Suits fan who just envies Rachel's constantly amazing style, check out The TIG - if not to be inspired, then at least to check out another side of Meghan Markle, who is as gifted a writer and photographer as she is an actress.

You can visit The TIG at, follow the website on Twitter at @_thetig, and follow Meghan on Twitter at @MeghanMarkle. Suits returns next Wednesday, July 9 at 9 PM ET/PT on USA.

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