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'Suits' spoilers: Season 4 shakes things up, big twist ahead

What lies ahead for Harvey in season 4 of 'Suits'?
Photo by Theo Wargo

Thursday night's finale of “Suits” had some shockers for fans, and everyone wants to know what they can expect in season 4 coming this summer. On April 10, TVLine shared a few “Suits” spoilers that lay the groundwork for what comes up in the next set of new episodes.

TVLine talked with Aaron Korsh, the show's executive producer, for some “Suits” spoilers. Many viewers were shocked to see Mike take the job offer, which is exactly the shake-up those with the show wanted to dish out. Korsh told Entertainment Weekly that he hopes viewers are surprised by the move. They are aiming to change up the firm's dynamic, but they don't want to lose Mike entirely. Viewers will still see plenty of interaction between Mike and Harvey via the new dynamic but things are definitely shifting.

Korsh noted that this is a change that will play out for a while, though the door is not closed on Mike heading back to the firm at some point. If he does though, it won't be soon. Mike's decision to take the new job will change his relationships with everyone on the canvas. Korsh teased a twist is ahead regarding Mike and Harvey's relationship, and Donna is impacted as well.

Other “Suits” spoilers for season 4 indicate that in episode 4 Louis and Mike will interact. In addition, there are some new characters coming who will change up the dynamic between Jessica and Louis. As for Mike and Rachel's relationship, they are in a good place as season 4 begins.

What about Harvey and Scottie? Korsh says that Abigail Spencer, who plays Scottie, has a lot on her plate and right now it doesn't look like she will be in the mix for season 4. However, it seems the door is open for her to appear should her schedule allow. Some fans really want to see Donna and Harvey connect, but if it happens it's going to be a very slow process. Whatever the twist ahead is, Donna is going to be heavily impacted by the sounds of it.

A premiere date for “Suits” season 4 has not been detailed yet, but the show's Facebook page teased simply that new episodes will begin this summer. The page also teased, “the half-truth and nothing but.” Stay tuned for more “Suits” spoilers and details regarding season 4 as new information emerges.

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