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'Suits' spoilers: Episode 4x04, 'Leveraged,' puts relationships to the test

Donna takes charge in episode 4x04 of 'Suits'
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Suits” is back with a new episode Wednesday night on the USA network, and fans are chomping at the bit for this one. Episode 4x04 is titled “Leveraged,” and things are going to be wild. On Wednesday the show's Facebook page shared a new “Suits” spoiler sneak peek that fans are not going to want to miss. Donna gets sassy, and it is incredible.

Donna has a bone to pick with Mike for betraying her, and she marches right into his office to chew him out. She isn't going to make it easy on him to get back in her good graces by any means, and fans would be disappointed if she did. The two do reconcile, but there is clearly more drama ahead.

“Suits” spoilers from TV Guide show that things are complicated at home for Mike as well. Rachel has some choice words for Mike regarding how he messed with Louis, and she tells him that it seems all he cares about anymore is winning. He counters that she probably should worry less about Louis and more about the damage Logan Sanders is poised to inflict on everybody.

As the episode 4x04 synopsis notes, Mike is working on a Gillis Industries hostile takeover, but Louis and Harvey are determined to stop him. Malone and Jessica connect with Sean Cahill, who is determined to get his way in destroying the firm. Will Jeff Malone be able to help save Pearson Specter? Just how far will Mike go to get what he wants?

As the episode title and Facebook page tease, relationships are being leveraged in Wednesday's episode and fans can not wait to dig in to this one. Season 4 has definitely shaken things up, and fans are dying to see where everything is headed. “Suits” airs a new episode on USA on July 9, and it should be a doozy.

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