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‘Suits’ spoiler: Harvey's old nemesis pops up; Louis fights Scottie

The “Suits” show on USA Network has fans cheering for Mike and wondering who really is a better lawyer, Harvey or Louis? This week the drama continues, but Mike might have gotten off lucky as Louis isn’t looking to find out the truth as he has a new person to feud with. This is a “Suits” spoiler for "Moot Point” to air on March 20. Fans who don’t want to know the details should look away now. According to The Wrap on Wednesday, Harvey has an old law school nemesis he needs to help and enlists Mike’s assistance.

The day to day drama has kicked up a notch at the law firm, but it isn’t Mike who Louis is looking to fight in this episode. Instead Louis picks a fight with Scottie and it appears the two try to incorporate others in the office to make a point. Keeping her distance, Donna does her best to stay away as the situation looks volatile.

There is a definite spring in Harvey’s step this week as he wants to badly beat his old nemesis. Full of strife and a point to prove, the case needs Mike’s help to win and there is still a possibility that it might be lost. Point by point, the battle begins and viewers get to see how old rival square off with a case that needs to be decided.

“Suits” is seen on USA Network with "Moot Point” airing on Thursday night.

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