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'Suits' season 3B spoilers: New troubles ahead for Mike and Harvey

Harvey will have big changes in his life when Suits returns.
Harvey will have big changes in his life when Suits returns.
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"Suits" is getting ready to return to USA for the second half of season three, and now fans are being given new inside scoop on what is next on the series. On Thursday, Jan 2, TV Line shared new spoilers for the series, and there is major drama ahead for both Mike and Harvey.

At the end of the mid-season finale, Louis did not find a file for Mike Ross in the Harvard files, and this will weigh on him. He will investigate this, and his investigation will cause many problems for the people at the firm. Meanwhile, Jessica and Harvey will have to navigate how to run the firm together, and they will disagree on his offering Scottie a job. They will resolve that issue, but it will have 'an impact on what their power structure is moving forward' on the series, according to Aaron Korsh.

On the romantic front, Harvey will have to learn to navigate a relationship with a woman. This is new territory for him. Mike and Rachel will also take a huge step forward in their own relationship when the show returns after the Winter Olympics.

With season four already picked up by USA, fans will see a lot more from Mike and Harvey on the network. "Suits" will return to USA on March 6.

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