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'Suits' 4x02 'Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner': Louis takes on the new guy

Louis: "After I win, you are not only going to be willing to give it to me. You will be begging to give it to me."
Louis: "After I win, you are not only going to be willing to give it to me. You will be begging to give it to me."
Photo Courtesy Of Ian Watson/USA Network

Jessica: “Some people love the taste of blood. Some people, hmm. It’s better to find out who you are sooner rather than later.”

Harvey: "Come on Jessica. You banged him. The least you can do is take him to lunch."
Photo Courtesy Of Ian Watson/USA Network

“Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” is the June 18 episode of “Suits.” Reminder: this article has spoilers, so read at your own risk. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from tonight’s episode. “Suits” airs Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. central on USA.

Mike’s an investment banker. Keep telling yourself that because if you don’t, you think that Mike is still a lawyer. He is representing himself and negotiating. It’s a little weird, but hey, it helps make the pain of Mike not being at Pearson Specter a little less painful and less awkward. Still, being someone who doesn't know anything about investment banking, it would be nice to see a glimpse of what else Mike or the company does. What would be fun is if for some reason, Jonathan required Mike to have a lawyer. I can just picture Mike trying to correct the lawyer.

Watching Louis and Jeff go head to head is so fantastic. Louis is very enjoyable when he has a rival. The deposition scene is absolutely fabulous. I would love to see more of Louis versus Jeff. It would be great if the two of them continued to butt heads. Watching Louis sulk is just sad and un-enjoyable. There’s nothing better than watching him go after a target. Okay, so his scenes with Donna and the Jessica hug are pretty awesome too. Would you like to see more of the Jeff and Louis rivalry?

We all knew the Rachel and Mike drama was coming. Thankfully, it doesn't consume the episode. There’s even some humor in there. It’s unlikely that there won’t be more drama with them as this storyline plays out, but hopefully we will continue to not have it be everywhere. I will say, I would love to have Harvey giving Rachel advice about how to handle being with someone who you are going up against or maybe consoling her or something. Basically, I just want a scene with Rachel and Harvey.

Mike versus Harvey gets intense when Logan jumps into the mix. Is it just me or does Mike seem to lose his cool and act unprofessional a couple of times during this episode? He throws papers at the meeting with Harvey and Logan, and then he yells at poor Walter. Someone needs to keep him in check. It is interesting to see Mike on his own. There’s not really anyone to keep him in check in the moment. Jonathan Sidwell finds out about things later, which then all he can offer is a stern yelling.

Even though Mike and Harvey are no longer working on the same side, Harvey still teaches Mike things. It’s nice that that aspect isn't completely gone from the show. Jessica and Harvey talking about Mike has still stuck around too. Jessica is often reminding Harvey of his younger self in order to teach him about Mike. I will admit, I’m missing my Louis and Mike bromance/rivalry. If we can get a scene with the two of them, that would be fantastic. There has to be a way to bring Louis into the Harvey versus Mike battle.

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