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'Suits' 3x16 'No Way Out': Under arrest

Harvey: "You pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot my guy. I don’t give a damn if you didn’t mean to shoot it. The gun went off."
Harvey: "You pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot my guy. I don’t give a damn if you didn’t mean to shoot it. The gun went off."
Shane Mahood/USA Network

Donna: “Mike would never turn on Harvey.”

Jessica: “You don’t know what might happen to a person once they get into that room.”

No Way Out” is one stressful episode. Let’s all just take a deep breath in, and exhale. Okay, time to process it all. The US Attorney’s office is after Mike and Harold. Oh, Harold, I am impressed you held up as long as you did. It is fantastic to see him again, especially in a high stress situation because nothing about Harold makes you think that he could survive hours of interrogation. Speaking of interrogation, those scenes are done well. It’s easy to feel the tension and suspense. Those scenes make for a very stressful episode.

Everyone remember Darby? Yeah, sometimes the memory is a bit fuzzy, but the writers give you a gist of what you should remember about him. He covered up murders, so he is not a good guy. The kicker is that Jessica realizes she has become him. This is a fantastic revelation because it does not only affect her. Harvey and Mike also realize that they have been crossing more and more lines. Hopefully, the next season will show how difficult it is for Jessica and Harvey to work a little more legally. There have to be moments where this decision to go back to being them is challenged.

This finale is all about relationships. Harvey and Scottie are still being Harvey and Scottie. It has been a little annoying watching them be okay, and then in two seconds be angry again. This is the nature of their relationship, except that the past couple episodes basically retells the same drama between them. Having Harvey come clean to Scottie at the end is a little strange. There really was not a point except to show how much Harvey cares for her. Personally, all it does is make me wait for Scottie to mention this little Mike tidbit to someone, and then Mike and Harvey will be in an interrogation room once again.

Needless to say, Mike and Harold come away unscathed. It was to be expected, but there were some moments of doubt there. What was shocking is that Harvey told Mike to point the finger at him. This marks an interesting step in their relationship, and it shows tremendous growth for Harvey. That sacrifice, to me, is why Mike ends up taking the job as an investment banker. It will be interesting to see if the show can survive without Mike and Harvey working side by side at all times. Hopefully the writers keep Mike at his new job for a bit just to mix things up.

Leave me your thoughts in a comment below. Can Scottie be trusted with this secret? Do you think Mike will actually last an entire season at his new job?

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