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'Suits' 3x15 'Know When to Fold 'Em': To take the job or not

Scottie: "I’m just going to stop asking, and we can make up later and start all over again tomorrow."
Scottie: "I’m just going to stop asking, and we can make up later and start all over again tomorrow."
Shane Mahood/USA Network

Rachel: “I know that you love what you do, but every day you go into work with the possibility of being caught, and it is eating away at you.”

Harvey: "You’d still be in the majors. It just be a different sport."
Shane Mahood/USA Network

“Know When to Fold ‘Em” is tonight’s episode of “Suits.” If you haven’t seen the episode, then beware of spoilers. To review the briefings on the last case, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. The season finale of “Suits” airs next Thursday night at 8 on USA.

Mike goes around asking everyone for advice on his new job. It makes sense that Mike would want input from others. Thankfully, the writers avoid drama with Mike and Rachel about this job offer. There is a tense conversation, but there isn’t anything like a fight about it. What is great is that the writers show that Mike has made up his mind. He is going to take this job because he can succeed without worrying about being caught. There is not something that happens that forces him to change his mind. It would have been great if Harvey had taken Scottie’s advice and told Mike that he wanted him to stay. This would have been a very different conversation for the two of them, and it could have been a good friendship moment. His conversation with Donna is great because she not only calls him out on having already made up his mind, but she says what Harvey won’t say. Do you think Mike should have taken the job?

Harvey and Mike’s case of the week is a little hard to follow at first. Basically James comes at them with a lawsuit, and it sounds like it really isn’t serious. The only issue is that James is a gambler, and so Harvey decides to show that he gambles too. It’s a little strange, but basically things keep escalating. James threatens to go to the Bar Association. The best thing about this case is that Mike conversation in the end with James is what makes him decide to stay a lawyer. It also raises the stakes some with a new way for Mike to be possibly found out. The case itself is not that exciting; it’s more of what James could do that keeps things intriguing. Did you enjoy the case?

Louis is depressed. He is hiding in his house with the shades drawn and venting to his therapist on the phone. Jessica’s situation is alright. It’s a little difficult to follow what exactly is happening, and there isn’t any sense of dread or panic brought on by Van Dyke’s attack. There are two excellent moments that help to redeem this storyline. One is Jessica and Louis’ conversation in his home. It really showcases their relationship, which has been great to see more of the two of them in one on one scenes. Plus, it allows Louis to give a nice little speech about who he is and how well trained his associates are. It would have been fantastic to see Louis give the order to the associates and whip them into shape. The second excellent moment is the conversation outside of the courtroom between Jessica and Van Dyke. It provides backstory on Jessica by saying how she got hired. Basically it came down to the diversity factor, and when Jessica found out, it upset her, so it was fantastic to see her tell him off. What did you think of Louis and Jessica’s storyline in this episode?

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