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'Suits' 3x13 'Moot Point': Battling Louis Litt

Harvey: "Sounds serious, have you tried acupuncture?"
Harvey: "Sounds serious, have you tried acupuncture?"
Ian Watson/USA Network

Scottie: “For without punctuality we are animals.”

Louis: "As far as I’m concerned, Dana Scott is dead to me."
Ian Watson/USA Network

Louis: “How dare you quote me to me?”

“Moot Point” is tonight’s episode of “Suits.” If you haven’t seen the episode, then beware of spoilers. To review the briefings on the last case, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Suits” airs Thursday nights at 8 on USA.

Mike wants to show Harvey how much he means to him (aww), and so he learns from Donna that Harvey has always wanted redemption. Eliot Stemple beat him three years in moot court, and Harvey has never been able to challenge Stemple since. Anytime a personal rivalry comes up, it is fun to watch. The case itself takes a backseat to the personal rivalry and deception happening in trying the case, so at times, it is hard to follow the actual lawsuit. What did you think of the case?

It’s Scottie’s first day at Pearson Specter, and she decides to go after Louis. Seeing Louis in battle mode is always fun. He gets very worked up, and there is always some underhandedness that happens. Plus, it is great to see him square off with someone other than Harvey and Mike. This storyline ends up being about power and status at the firm. There are a lot of things talked about, such as Scottie trying to be more than Harvey’s girlfriend in the eyes of the firm, and Louis not being able to survive losing to Scottie. What would have been great is if the writers showed some members of the firm chatting about Scottie and Louis. It would not be hard to have Donna overhear some conversations or even take part in some. This way viewers could see how the firm reacts to Scottie and Louis. It is hard to imagine Louis not being seen as the mean one just because he doesn’t get his case back. The writers could have had Mike chatting with the first years and had that come up. What did you think of Louis and Scottie battling it out?

Jessica calls Mike into her office to have him take his name off the case. Her reason? There is going to be an interview with Harvey about how he won, and Jessica does not want Mike anywhere near the spotlight. It makes sense. You can’t have people looking into Mike Ross. What is interesting is that this point has never come up before. Mike learns that he will never really have the spotlight because he can’t risk being exposed. This is a fantastic issue to introduce, and hopefully the writers will continue to show Mike wrestling with this. Do you think that Mike can ever be in the spotlight?

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