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'Suits' 3x12 'Yesterday's Gone': The difference between the law and the truth

Jessica: "What I want you to understand is that truth is subjective."
Jessica: "What I want you to understand is that truth is subjective."
Ken Woroner/USA Network

Donna: “That bottle is the reason why I buy my own presents for Secretary’s Day.”

Mike: "We were always playing on borrowed time."
Ken Woroner/USA Network

Harvey: “There’s a Secretary’s Day?”

Donna: “Yes and you are very generous.”

“Yesterday’s Gone” is tonight’s episode of “Suits.” If you haven’t seen the episode, then beware of spoilers. To review the briefings on the last case, click here. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Suits” airs Thursday nights at 8 on USA.

Louis confronts Mike about his A+. The writers have managed to make this a Louis finding out storyline without actually having Louis find out. I mean, Louis still thinks Mike went to law school. That being said, there really isn’t a fear that Mike will actually have to resign. Now, if the writers had this episode happen in the season finale, then the fear would be much more real. It would not be too out of the question to have a season end with Mike resigning. This would be very fitting for a dramatic season finale. Did you think that Mike was actually going to have to resign?

There are still some good moments to this storyline, though. Mike’s cover story to Louis about changing his grade actually makes sense. It is a decent cover story, and also, we get to see a glimpse of where Louis lives. There are great moments between Louis and Mike, as well as between Louis and Harvey. Both of those scenes showcase Louis’ friendships, which don’t happen often. The writers also take the time to show how Louis knowing affects more than just Mike. Donna is the only person who never seems fazed by this. Harvey says he will resign with Mike, and Rachel is crying in the bathroom. What did you think of this storyline?

Quentin, Jessica’s ex-husband, dies. This is a very emotional storyline for Jessica, which is great because she typically does not get to be vulnerable. Her confrontation and then reconciliation with Lisa is nice. What is really great about this storyline is that it showcases Harvey and Jessica having to trust one another. As Harvey points out, they are basically in the same situation as they were in the last episode, except this time Jessica is the one with the personal connection. This episode really puts the trust in practice. Harvey has to trust Jessica to handle the case, and Jessica has to trust Harvey to deal with whatever is happening in Boston that she knows he is lying to her about. What did you think of Jessica and Harvey during this episode?

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