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Suite Living at the Intercontinental New York Times Square

The stunning Manhattan Suite at Intercontinental New York Times Square
The stunning Manhattan Suite at Intercontinental New York Times Square
Intercontinental New York Times Square

If a suite in New York City’s theater district paired with a Broadway play isn’t on your bucket list, it may be soon. Specifically, a stay in the Manhattan Suite at the Intercontinental New York Times Square is an experience I wish for everyone.


I remember the first time I saw New York City in person -- I felt tiny in a gigantic concrete, brick and steel world. Since then, I’ve visited enough times to see past the awesome power of swarms of people and imposing architecture and feel the powerful vibe of a city infused with energy. On this trip I made a further discovery – a hotel and suite that perfectly matches the glamour and awe of NYC.

The lobby of this relatively new hotel is colorful and brilliantly contemporary. The front desk is directly in front of a courtyard. In the courtyard grows a metal tree – a man-made piece of organic art. At night, when my family and I headed out the door to experience New York, the lights in the yard played up the colors and made me wonder what was real out there and what was not.

Upon our arrival, the front desk staff greeted me with unusual warmth. Throughout our stay, staff talked to us in a personable on-on-one way rarely seen in hotels. As this was a special trip, a graduation present for our nineteen-year-old son, I especially appreciated each friendly staff member we came across.


We didn’t share with our son, Tyler, that we had a spectacular suite. He led our little group into the room and switched on the lights. Had the room been filled with people yelling, “surprise!” he wouldn’t have been more taken aback by this fantastic suite. The skyline expanded from one end of the room collection to the other in floor-to-ceiling windows. Tyler headed straight there to hunt down the Empire State Building. His next stop was his room, a study complete with desktop computer and iHome stereo system with a sofa bed pulled out just for him. After a quick comfort check (the bed passed), he headed to the enormous couch and switched on the giant TV, stopping briefly to notice he had his very own not-to-be-shared bathroom.

My husband and I took time to note the finer details like the gorgeous drapes and plush sculptured carpet. Our room, which could also be a standard room when it is sectioned off of the suite by a locked door, featured a top-quality bed and linens and a long bathroom with soaking tub. We also had our own desktop computer and still more expansive windows.

When everyone was done exploring, we settled into posh robes and ordered Tower Heist on pay-per-view. After the movie, we stuck it out for a bit more and watched a channel previewing the shows currently on and off Broadway as well as other entertainment and dining options in the city. We all agreed it seemed a shame to fall asleep and miss out on a moment of living this life. Just before bed, we noticed the undeniable glow of Times Square out the bedroom window.


Should you book the Manhattan suite and still wish to venture beyond your room, Chef Todd English heads the restaurant Ca Va Brasserie. The restaurant is as beautiful and impressive as the rest of the hotel and boasts three separate dining areas. There is also a lounge, a 24-hour fitness center and 10,000 square-feet of meeting and event space.


Tyler’s smile didn’t fade from check-in to check-out. I know he’ll remember this trip for his entire life as will my husband and I. To make some suite memories of your own, I absolutely recommend the Intercontinental near Times Square.

For more information on Intercontinental New York Times Square or to book a stay, please visit their website.

Examiner’s Note: My appreciation goes out to Lindsay Cameron of IHG. I can’t thank you enough.

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