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Suit Supply launches stylish Spring/Summer collection

Suit Supply Spring/Summer Lauch 2014
Suit Supply Spring/Summer Lauch 2014
Robin Lori

The launch of the Spring/Summer line at Suit Supply Atlanta attracted some of the most well dressed attendees. Men showed off their personal style in well made suits as they stepped out for the fashionable celebration. Since exquisitely made timepieces and accessories are among the must haves for spring and summer, Hublot, the Swiss watch company, was on hand for guests to view. This season, the gentlemen is back and it’s all about accessories and blue as the new neutral.

Clarence Simpson, sales associate at Suit Supply Atlanta, says this season making a personal statement with your suit is essential.

“When it comes to a man’s suit the diva comes out,” Simpson says. “Men are sensitive about their suits. This season the classics are back in style which allows men to focus on the pocket squares, socks, ties and label pins.”

Accessories give men the freedom to incorporate spring colors trends into a summer suit. This season is all about neutrals which makes, accessorizing important, especially in the South, where the warm seasons are an excuse to dress in shades of yellow, pink and lavender.

“Spring is bright colors, but the suit and jackets this season are neutral. The light gray suit is big this season. Jackets and pants are in shades of white, blue and brown,” Simpson says. “The oxford white shirt is back and neutral jacket or a washed pant paired with a blue oxford shirt is a good look for spring.”

Accessories complete the look, but Simpson says it’s about feeling as if you were made to wear the suit, which depends on the fit. At Suit Supply, there is an in house tailor who customizes each piece for patrons, resulting in a polished look for the gentlemen on the go.

“Men are really focusing on fit now,” Simpson says. “The double breasted jacket is back in and is being worn among tastemakers in New York and Chicago. You know when a man wears a double breasted jacket he is serious, because the fit has to be so precise.”

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