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Suicide bomb instructor kills self and 21 militant students

Suicide Bombers
Suicide Bombers

A suicide bomb instructor accidentally killed 22 militants in a suicide bombing training class on Monday in Iraq. The instructor set off a belt that had been jam packed with explosives, according to the New York Times on Tuesday.

A commander at a terrorist training camp, located north of Baghdad, reportedly utilized a belt that had explosives stored in it while giving a demonstration of how to conduct a suicide bombing. Besides the instructor, himself, he blew up 21 of his students as well. Officials say that they were members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Naturally, since the people of Iraq are quite used to deadly daily attacks in public – at mosques, public markets, and even children’s soccer games – they have found the deadly event to be “poetic justice,” especially since there has been a rise in suicide bombings by a terrorist group.

Besides the 22 who were killed, 15 others were wounded in the Monday morning explosion that occurred at the militant compound in the northeastern Salahuddin Province.