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Suh, Johnson named NFL's most feared players

Calvin Johnson is one of the most feared players in the NFL.
Calvin Johnson is one of the most feared players in the NFL.
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Recently, surveyed "over 320" NFL players (does that mean 321? 322?) and asked them a simple, but somewhat vague, question: Who is the most feared player in the NFL? Who finished in first place? Why, it was Ndamukong Suh, of the Detroit Lions. Second place? Calvin Johnson. You may also recognize him from the Detroit Lions roster.

Suh received 61 votes, while Megatron got 58. So, that's something. It's also another in a series of similar events. Who were the two Lions to make the Pro Bowl? Suh and Johnson, although Johnson has already dropped out, as I presumed he would. The Lions got two All-Pros, and once again it was Suh and Johnson.

This is a good thing, of course. The Lions have two legitimately great players. Johnson is arguably the best wide receiver in the league, and a tremendous weapon, while Suh is one of the top defensive tackles in the NFL. They are cornerstones that can be built around. The issue is that Detroit has had trouble building around said cornerstones. Expensive cornerstones at that.

Part of the problem is that Matthew Stafford has not joined those two in the realm of the elite. He's a good quarterback, and if everything goes well a team with a good quarterback can make the playoffs and make some noise. However, everything has not gone well, because this team has had issues in pass defense, and in running the ball. The team has a lot of talent, but the talent hasn't coalesced, and depth isn't there.

Maybe the new coach will help Stafford make it to the next level. Larry Warford had a great rookie season for a guard. Ziggy Ansah has shown potential. If you have two All-Pros, who are also apparently very feared, you have a great starting point. Now we just need the Lions to augment them.