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Suggestive clothing for little girls

Dress up is a fun game in the house, but may not be the best idea in public
Dress up is a fun game in the house, but may not be the best idea in public
Associated Press

There is a hot debate right now about shoe companies who are making high heeled shoes for girls as young as 5 and in some cases only 3 years old.  Many parents are saying they think it is okay because girls like to play dress up.  However, many are saying it poses health risks, not to mention the problem of little girls growing up too fast and appearing older than they are.

In years past, even thong underwear has been increasingly marketed for young girls.  The problem is that then these girls appear older than they are, garnering them attention they shouldn't be getting.  If your daughter's pants have words across her rear end and a thong hanging out, who do you think is looking?  Consider the issue of perversion, to say the least.  Do you really want people "reading" your young girl's butt?

When you dress your daughter's in styles meant for older girls, and women even, you are essentially saying they are old enough to handle the attention that will go with it.  Thong underwear, high heels, and tiny shirts and shorts are typically the type of thing a woman wears when she wants to attract attention from men.  I admit, some of these styles do look impossibly cute on little girls, but at what cost?  Many say that women should dress however they want and men should be able to handle it, but the reality is this: that is rarely what happens. 

Dress up is an exciting time for little girls, but confining it to the house will ensure that they don't hurt themselves while teetering around on high heels and that they don't get any unwanted attention.

Source: 9News