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Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles Gets Intimate with Redbook in the March 2014 Issue

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles Gets Intimate with Redbook in the March 2014 Issue

Jennifer Nettles is Sugarland's sexy singer who is debuting her new solo album, That Girl, and has currently been on tour. Jennifer is fun, unique, and incredibly talented. She speaks with Redbook about everything that has been going on in her life lately.

Redbook: "Your first solo single, "That Girl," has a '70s vibe to it. Did you deliberately set out to be different?"

Jennifer Nettles: "I wanted to do something that felt different, and consequently inspiring, to me. In some ways, it's starting over."

Redbook: "Do you have jitters about that?"

Jennifer Nettles: "I'm ambitious. I do care about success. But I also want the fans to like it because I love it."

Redbook: "A solo album, a new baby...what's left to change in your life?"

Jennifer Nettles: "My home in Nashville is a sweet little cottage, but we've outgrown it with the baby. The living room has a couch, a chair, and a Pack'n Play and there's no other crawling room; there's nothing. So I figured, why not have a baby, put out a solo album, and build a new house all in the same year? What could possibly go wrong?" [Laughs]

RB: "Speaking of moving out of your comfort zone: Sugarland! What's the word? Is it over?"

JN: "We're not broken up. This project is something I've been wanting to do for several years, and Kristian (her Sugarland band mate) and I have been in communication about that from the beginning, because we're supportive of each other. I wanted to show my fans a more intimate side of me. It's going to be a healthy time for both of us to explore things separately from each other, and I think when we come back together, we'll have much more to offer. We'll be reinvigorated."

RB: "You have a blog on your website and you're on Twitter. The comments on your feed are overwhelmingly positive, but do you ever get tripped up on something that's not just critical, but nasty?"

JN: "If there is something negative-which is not very often, thankfully-what I do is, I go to those people's profiles and I look at their picture and I get all junior high about it. I make fun to myself, or sometimes with whomever might be in the room. I read their other tweets and I can see how ignorant they are, and I say "Okay, they're an idiot." So that's basically what I do. It helps me. What makes me so upset, though, is I don't understand that kind of mentality. I follow some people on Twitter and read some of their feeds-for example, I love Pink, and people can be super-mean and write, "Die. Why don't you kill yourself?" Which should be illegal, frankly. Now, granted, Pink has millions of followers, I do not. But it's still bullying-it's just online. People think, Oh, they should be impervious, they put themselves out there in public. But we're not impervious; we're human beings. So if I read something bad about Pink, I'll go to those people's profiles and make fun of them, too, in defense of people I love."

RB: "Pink will be moved."

JN: "Pink, if you're listening, I hope you're touched by how I defend you."

RB: "Does the scrutiny of the public eye ever get to you:?"

JN: "I've always been driven, so I'm way more critical of myself than anyone else. I think being in the public eye has probably exacerbated that."

RB: "How so?"

JN: "Perfectionism is really a challenge for me, and it causes me to be super-critical of myself in so many ways: about body image, constantly; about parenting; about being a mother. For me, it's my most important job ever, so I don't want to mess it up. And yet, there's no perfect way to do it! You know? It's important to have an examined life-but it's a fine line between having an examined life and being hypercritical of oneself. There has to be a balance in there somewhere. I haven't found it. When I do, I'll let you know."

RB: "I heard you love a quote that your friend Miranda Lambert tweeted that said, "Knowing what you want doesn't make you a bitch." Expand on that, please."

JN: "You know what? I think many times, we are so challenged as women to be everything, and do everything, and make it look easy. And to speak our minds, but not be bitchy. All these things are, quite frankly, impossible to achieve. So knowing what we want-no, it doesn't make us a bitch. It makes us know what we want, plain and simple."

RB: "The country music community seems so close. Who are you tight with?"

JN: "I enjoy Miranda very much. Also Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson, who is able to float into the country world and is always super-welcome there. She and I had a whole lot of fun on [the singing competition show] Duets, and whenever I see her, it's fun to catch up. It's nice to have other women especially who you feel support you."

Jennifer Nettles is a proud mom, a supportive friend, and stands up to bullies for people she loves. Jennifer is someone who is inspiring to her fans everywhere.

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