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Sugarcreek Township Fire Chief celebrates 25 years

Fire Chief celebrates 25 years of service
Fire Chief celebrates 25 years of service
Photograph taken by Danielle Coots

The Sugarcreek Township fire department has had its challenges over the past 25 years. It has grown from a three person department to professional modern facility and provides top notch service to the residences of Sugarcreek and Chief Randall Pavlak is proud to be a part of it.

“I feel privileged and humble to have been chosen to lead this fantastic fire department for all these years,” Chief Pavlak said. “It is with great reward that the trustees over all the years have entrusted me to protect the citizens and guest of Sugarcreek Township.”

Chief Pavlak moved to the Bellbrook area in 1960 and moved to Centerville in 1974, where he now resides. He has been involved in the community and worked side by side with the people of Bellbrook and Sugarcreek not only for the past 25 years, but since he has been a residence of this area. As he was growing up, he was influenced and motivated by several neighborhood volunteer firefighters. The neighbors frequently brought home brush trucks and medic units and kept them in their garages, which became great conversational pieces for young Pavlak. The familiarity of being around the fire equipment and the passion of the volunteers, brought great motivation for the base of Pavlak’s career.

Being appointed chief has been his dream and has opened him up to be able to help numerous people in the community. “We started out with three of us and were tasked by the Sugarcreek Township Trustee to form the fire department in 1989,” Chief Pavlak said. “Today, we have 14 career firefighters/paramedics, including one fire chief, one assistant fire chief, one captain, five lieutenants and six firefighter/paramedics. We also have 37 part-time fire/EMS certified firefighters and 16 volunteer FF/EMS/PALA members.”

One of the most memorable moments for Chief Pavlak was when the fire department dedicated the Public Safety Building after several years of planning and hard work, to get the trustees to approve the building and knowing that the public stood behind them and helped them fund the project. According to Chief Pavlak, this coming together as a community changed the direction and the capabilities of Sugarcreek Township for not only the fire department but also for the police department. The new building provided modern facilities and the technology to help move the department forward into the coming centuries.

Being with the fire department for 25 years and seeing the development of a first rate program, Pavlak is moving forward to completing the transition of his tenure with the Sugarcreek Township Fire Department to leave the fire department and township on stable ground in all aspects of the operations of the fire department including staffing, equipment, apparatus and funding. “We have been very blessed to have had fantastic support of the citizens and trustees throughout my 25 years,” Chief Pavlak said. “Once all that is complete, I look forward to spending more time with my family.”

“My passion, dedication and love of the fire service are as strong today as it was 37 years ago, when I started,” said Pavlak. “The fire service is family and they are a group of people who are willing to give and sacrifice their own time and welfare to protect their neighbors and guest.”

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