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Sugar versus other sweeteners and getting a six-pack

Eat right, look right, age right
Sophea Amshay

Twenty years from now a person that uses sugar or high-fructose corn syrup will probably be thought of as stupid as a person who still smokes.

I say that because I don't know of anything proving that granulated sugar or HFCS is good for you in any way, shape, or firm. So much points to exactly the opposite.

If you have not already begun trying to eliminate sugar and HFCS from your nutrition, I hope you will start soon. I know it is hard but it is such a good idea to avoid that stuff.

For my part I have had no desire for sugar for a long time. HOWEVER, to prove what a dope I am, I have been literally addicted to artificial sweeteners -- The blue stuff and the yellow stuff. And I mean, like, a hundred and more packs per week.

I have begun using Stevia to get off the hard stuff. If you have not used Stevia, it is unbelievably sweet and tastes more like sugar than anything I know of. It might seem a little pricey, but it is so sweet you definitely don't use much.

The good news is it was not that difficult to get off the hard stuff once I said I would. I use the bulk of my added sweeteners in coffee, which I am also hooked on.

Be that as it may, here is some good news

I just published a recipe on my national fitness page that is about a breakfast or pre-workout meal. The article includes info about sweeteners and coconut oil that are worth considering since they are part of the recipe that I use. It takes about one minute to make the recipe.

And the article has a bunch of links to discounts and freebies.

If you have not yet tried coconut oil, you may want to look into it as an energy source, cooking oil, etc. And Stevia as a sugar replacement.

Cinta anda

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