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Sugar sweetened drinks are contributing to the obesity epidemic

Sugar sweetened drinks & other high calorie food for sale
Sugar sweetened drinks & other high calorie food for sale

There has been a great deal of discussion about the impact of sugar sweetened beverages on health. Recent research has concluded sugar sweetened beverages contribute to the U.S. obesity epidemic, particularly among kids, reported the Obesity Society on April 23, 2014. The Obesity Society offers several recommendations for improving health which includes that kids should minimize their consumption of sugar sweetened beverages.

The Obesity Society spokesperson Diana Thomas, PhD says that by adding more non-nutritious calories to the American diet sugar sweetened beverages have contributed to the U.S. obesity epidemic. It has been recommended that to maintain and improve health kids should minimize drinking sugar sweetened beverages and adults should lower or avoid sugar sweetened beverages as part of an overall strategy to lower calories.

Dr. Thomas has explained that the evidence shows that people with a higher BMI consume more sugar sweetened beverages than their leaner counterparts. Furthermore, lowering sugar sweetened beverage consumption may reduce overall calorie consumption and help people with obesity or overweight achieve healthy weight goals. Policymakers, scientists, clinicians and the public are encouraged to further explore the total caloric density of foods, including all foods which are high in added sugar, in an effort to offer more science based nutritional insight and to develop healthier food and beverage options aimed at supporting America’s health.

There has recently been reported a rise in obesity among children by the journal JAMA Pediatrics. Researchers have found that all classes of obesity have increased over the past 14 years. The upward trend of more severe forms of obesity have suggested further investigations into the causes of and solutions to this serious health problem. The findings that sugar sweetened beverages are contributing to obesity and overweight are compelling and suggest immediate action is needed to deal with this problem.