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Sugar Scrub/ Salt Scrub

It is important to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

How do you do this?

You could use a Sugar Scrub or you could use a Salt Scrub.

Salt scrub is a little more abrasive (in my opinion).

Sugar scrub is larger granules and dissolve nicely.

Once a week in the shower you should exfoliate your whole body.

Do Not Use on your face!

Take about a nickel size in the palm of your hand add some water and rub

between both hands start scrubbing your body. That nickel size should do arms,

chest your neck, take it as far as it will go. If it is too abrasive just add water.

When you are done exfoliating rinse off your body should feel silky.

Pat your self dry then moisturize your body with a moisturizer that you

dip your fingers in the container to get it out. Lotion is something you pump and is much lighter.

If you keep rubbing and the moisturizer does not dissolve add a few drops of oil to your hands and rub in.

Something I do is always add a few drops of oil when I am applying my moisturizer it is not greasy

(if it is you added way to much oil). and it will seal that moisture in and leave you looking very sexy and silky!

Exfoliate you hands every day and apply moisturizer after, they will be young and youthful looking as you age.

People always say I do not have time for this....WHAT! It really takes 2 minutes to do this in the shower and the

outcome is absolutely amazing.

Remember your feet are part of your body DO NOT stop at your ankles do your whole feet!



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