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Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath “Sings For His Supper” at Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood

Hard Rock Cafe's "Sing For Your Supper" hosted by Mark McGrath
Hard Rock Cafe's "Sing For Your Supper" hosted by Mark McGrath
Courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe

On April 15, in a fun event designed to increase awareness of their new menu, Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard challenged patrons to: “Sing For Your Supper.” The deal was simple, if an individual completed a song on Hard Rock Cafe’s live music stage in front of the entire restaurant, the performer received a free entree from Hard Rock Cafe’s new menu. Not only was the event hosted by the hyperkinetic front man from Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath, but the artist/actor also took part in the feastivities by singing the Violent Femmes’ “Blister in the Sun.”

“At something like a Karaoke event, it takes people a little bit of time to get into the rhythm of it,” Mark began in a recent interview. “So I started off with Violent Femmes’ ‘Blister in the Sun.’ And, by the time I finished, there were about 20 people signed up.”

Since McGrath officially participated by singing a song, he had the opportunity to choose a meal, too. “I tried the Fiesta Burger and it was un-be-liev-able! The burgers at the Hard Rock are all so good, but the Fiesta Burger . . . if you like spicy burgers, this one took it to the next level! It was unbelievable!”

Alison Maas, Sales and Marketing Manager at Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard and Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood at Universal City Walk was available to talk about the genesis of this winning event. “In planning for Hard Rock’s new menu launch, we knew we wanted to do something major to showcase not only the authentic, scratch-based new items we were adding to the menu, but also reinforce our love and support of local music. We combined the two and came up with the idea of ‘Sing For Your Supper’ in which guests could go to any cafe across the country and sing a song with a live band for a free entrée from our new menu.”

“Mark was the perfect choice for ‘Sing For Your Supper’ as he brings great energy and enthusiasm to any event,” Alison added. “He was a natural addition to emcee, and it was a great way to engage fans who may have been a little tense about getting on stage for their free entrée! What better way than to encourage participation than a chance to interact with Mark McGrath!”

When asked which was her favorite item on the new menu, Maas replied, “I love the new Grilled Chicken Arugula Salad. The flavors of the arugula, feta, and fresh orange are really crisp and refreshing, especially as we move into summer.”

“Traveling around the world, every time you see that Hard Rock logo, whether you are in Madrid, Tokyo, Orlando, or wherever, you know you’ve found a good place to eat,” Mark concluded. “The food is excellent, the service is always great, and it’s just a fun place. It feels like home . . . even to artists. And the new menu’s delicious!”

For more information on the new menu or Hard Rock Cafe, in general, visit:

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