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Sugar Baking Co. opens in Roslindale

Sugar Bakery, a longtime favorite in West Roxbury, has just opened a new outlet in Roslindale, the Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant.

The new bakery and restaurant, owned by Eric Battite, moved in at 4174 Washington St., near Roslindale Square, the space which formerly housed A. Boschetto's Bakery.

The commercial bakery will supply bread and rolls to Battite's Real Deal Delis as well as the original Sugar (whose space is much smaller). And of course it will be cranking out tasty pastries, cupcakes, muffins, and other sweet treats for its own retail bakery.

Currently, the cafe is open from 7AM - 3PM daily, serving breakfast and lunch, and the retail bakery is open until 7 PM. Soon, though, the restaurant hopes to add dinner (and presumably longer hours) to the lineup.

So far, the restaurant and bakery seems to be a welcome replacement to the beloved Boschetto's, closed in 2009. Especially since one of the favorite traditions of that long-time neighborhood staple - the whipped cream cake - can still be special ordered.

Sugar Baking Co. & Restaurant is located at 4174 Washington St., Roslindale, 617.327.4174.


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